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One of the most exciting and beautiful rice terraces in the world (Yunnan Province)

How to get there: by plane to Kunming (Shanghai-Kunming – 1700 yuan (6,500 UAH), from Kunming by regular bus to Xinjie (170 yuan / 650 UAH).
When to go: March-May.
What to see: rice terraces
How many days you need to visit: 1 day on the terraces + 1 day on the road.
And now we are going to one of the most picturesque provinces of China – Yunnan. About this province, you can write for a long time and a lot. On the border with Laos in this province you can see golden Buddhist temples, huge Buddha statues, white pagodas and real tropics, and closer to Tibet – one of the deepest gorges in the world – Tiger Leaping Gorge. Each of these places is worth a separate story, but we will talk about the place where it is worth to meet the dawn – about the rice terraces of Yuanyan.

In different seasons, they look different. According to inaccurate estimates, the terraces cover an area of ​​12,500 hectares. The fact that at some point you forget to breathe with delight is a fact. I can only advise – do not start immediately making a million photos, enjoy. This view is worth your silence and silence from the thoughts.

Yuanyan Rice Terraces
Getting there is difficult. From Kunming Bus Station (the administrative center of Yunnan Province), you need to take a sleeping bus to Xinjie Town at around 9 o’clock. The “sleeping” bus is a popular long-distance bus in China, where, instead of seats, there are sleeping shelves, as in our trains.

The city itself is not interesting at all, it is a starting point and a place to sleep. Local tuk-tukers or minibus drivers will take you to the terraces, do not worry, they will find you themselves. Do not forget to bargain. Prices are often very high. The entrance ticket to the observation deck overlooking the terraces – 60 yuan (230 UAH).

Mountains “Avatar” in Hunan Province

How to get there: by plane: Beijing – Zhangjiajie – 1,700 yuan (6,500 UAH), Shanghai – Zhangjiajie – 800 yuan (3,060 UAH). By taxi to Wulingyuan Park – 100 yuan (380 UAH).
When to go: April, September
What to do: feel on Pandora “Avatar” walking among the cliffs of Wulingyuan, tickle your nerves and walk along the glass bridge, ride on the highest alpine cable car in the world.
How many days it takes to visit: 3-5 days
Of course, you should personally look at the creation of nature, which inspired Cameron to create “Avatar”. When you see the mountains of Wulingyuan in person, you realize that in the scenes of the film with landscapes of the fictional Pandora there was not so much computer graphics.

These bizarre rocks really hung in the air. A truly rich in beautiful landscapes area. Rivers flow between the peaks, along which you can raft, in the forest around the mountains there are many wild monkeys, who beg and ask for banana. This beauty is complemented by grottoes, caves, blue lakes, natural bridges and waterfalls.

Wulingyuan Mountains
On the Internet, you must have come across a photo of a glass path and a long glass bridge over an abyss – so, all this beauty is also located here on Mount Tianmen. The longest alpine cable car is also here.

To see all this in person, you must fly to Zhangjiajie City, which will be the start of your adventures in the footsteps of Avatar. Be prepared for the fact that this is one of the most expensive destinations. One lift on the cable car will cost 300 yuan (1,150 UAH). The cost of entering the park varies from the number of days of the visit, you can buy a ticket for 2.3 or 4 days. On average from $ 40 (1020 UAH).

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