Bogdinsko-Baskunchaksky Reserve
The Bogdinsko-Baskunchaksky Reserve is a natural area 50 km east of the Akhtuba River, created to preserve the intact semi-desert areas of the Astrakhan Region. The reserve is located in…

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Moravský Kras
Moravsky Kras, or Karst, as it is also called, is a cave system in the Czech Republic with a total length of about 25 km, one of the largest in…

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Kurgaldzhinsky reserve
Kurgaldzhinsky reserve - a picturesque nature conservation area in Central Kazakhstan. Extensive wetlands are habitats of curly and pink pelican, common flamingo, Savca and other rare birds. The history of…

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Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a wilderness area with rivers, lakes, waterfalls, cliffs and a rich flora and fauna. One of the brightest attractions is a rare natural phenomenon that occurs only during several February days, when the rays of the setting sun create the incredible fiery glow of the Horsetail waterfall, to see which millions of tourists come together. In total, there are 19 waterfalls in the park. There are many viewing platforms, the view from which is breathtaking, and artists and photographers from around the world find here inspiration for their masterpieces.

“Stone Waves”

The packed sand, which had been polished for thousands of years by wind and rain, formed incredible Martian-like landscapes in the United States. Now this sandy monolith resembles frozen waves forming bizarre outlines. The place is difficult for tourists because it can only be reached on foot, having passed about 5 kilometers, plus access there is very limited to keep this place of interest from a negative impact.

Hamilton Pool

The so-called Hamilton Basin is a unique lake that was formed as a result of the collapse of the cave. Thus, it is both aboveground and underground. A special charm to this place is given by a waterfall, which falls from one of the surviving walls of the cave into a bright green lake. The lake was named after the governor of Texas, who held the post during the discovery of this grotto. In the lake you can swim and make beautiful photos.

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is a 45-meter underground waterfall of incredible beauty, located in Mount Lookout. Sightseeing begins with the fact that tourists descend to a depth of 340 meters on the elevator, where you can first walk through the cave, explore the rocks and various historical finds. Then there is an incredible view of the high waterfall and the cleanest underground lake, the beauty and extraordinary nature of which is effectively illuminated by the lights. It is believed that the waterfall is named after the wife of the man who first discovered it.

“Glass Beach”

The history of this beach began in 1949, when in its place was a city dump. Subsequently, the authorities concluded that the dump is not the place here, and for decades the sea waves have turned broken glass into extraordinarily beautiful multi-colored smooth stones. In 2002, the McKerricher National Park bought the territory of this beach, ennobled it, and now thousands of tourists come here to see the result of the work of nature.

Sequoia National Park

This natural park, founded in 1890, is famous for its giant trees – redwoods. One of the redwoods (the base diameter of which reaches 32 meters) even has its name – General Sherman’s Tree, and the most popular attraction is a small autotunnel, hacked into the trunk of a giant tree. Sequoias reach 100 m in height and 11 m in diameter, they live an average of 4 thousand years. The person next to such a tree looks just like an ant.

Lake of morning glory

The existence of this lake is hard to believe – it looks so fantastic. This is a small thermal source of azure color, the bottom of which was littered by tourists with coins, which led to an imbalance of heat balance and the formation of microorganisms at the edge of the source, which formed its yellow color. The lake tends to change color sometimes to purple or green, to boil or explode like a geyser. Millions of tourists come to see this natural wonder every year.

Papacolea Beach, Hawaii

Papacolea Beach is unusual in that its sand is green. This color appears due to the fact that its base is composed of chrysolite crystals, and the beach itself is surrounded by frozen lava. This is probably the only beach on the planet, which is based on semiprecious stones. From a distance, it looks emerald, and near olive-green. In order to get on it, you need to initially get a special permit.

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