Krasnokutsky arboretum
Krasnokutsky arboretum is one of the oldest arboretums in Ukraine, whose history goes back over 200 years. Presumably founded in 1793. Located in a picturesque area of ​​the Kharkiv region…

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Highlands Ahaggar
Ahaggar is a highland located in the south of Algeria, in the central part of the Sahara, east of the city of Tamanrasset. Ahaggar is the foundation of the Sahara…

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Yew-tree grove in Khost
The yew-box grove is a picturesque part of the Kolkhida forest, which is located on the southeastern slopes of Akhun mountain in the Khostinsky district of the Big Sochi resort.…

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These places still remain away from the popular tourist routes, despite the amazing local monuments and wonders of nature.

While thinking about where to go in 2018, it’s worth choosing not only among popular locations. There will probably be huge queues and inflated prices. And, besides, there are quite a few areas that remain little-known, but incredibly beautiful and interesting.

So, in 2018, it is worth visiting countries that are not yet overloaded with tourists, or where some really worthy events will happen: like Eurovision or the Olympic Games. CNN writes about this in his selection of interesting new directions. TSN.Turizm selected 10 of the most amazing and colorful of them.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde Islands – the perfect place for an exotic vacation. They are located near the west coast of Africa and combine African, Pyrenean and Brazilian cultural heritage. At the same time, Cape Verde has a completely paradise atmosphere. This applies to the weather and surrounding landscapes.

The islands are located 570 kilometers from the nearest mainland African city – Dakar. They have a volcanic origin, and therefore cozy beaches and bays contrast with toothed peaks and gorges. Among these opposites there are a lot of luxury hotels and tropical bungalows, connected by winding cobbled alleys surrounded by dragon trees.

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One of the most popular places in the archipelago is the town of Mindelo on the island of São Vicente. Vacationers bathe here in the bays of the Atlantic Ocean, drink local rum and various dishes, listening to folk tunes in the national dialect.

In the southwestern corner of Cambodia is a huge national park, Bothum Sakor. Here are concentrated the wonders of nature of this country: from evergreen tropical forests to coastal plains and rocks.

About 180 hectares of the park is occupied by the so-called Southwestern Elephant Corridor. This is where the largest population of Asian elephants lives, as well as a number of rare birds and animals.

In the vicinity of the park there are a number of hotels and bungalows built in vintage style for relaxing in the wild. They are located near rivers, scenic rocky waterfalls and on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Here you can not only watch the nature from the inhabited territory and swim in the bay, but also go on a safari deep into the reserve.

The capital of Malta – Valletta – was named the cultural center of Europe for 2018. The country is located in the Mediterranean, between Italy and Tunisia. The cultures of these countries are intertwined on the island and in just 20 minutes you can “move” from ancient Greece to the Middle East. Such a contrast is noticeable in architecture, and also in cooking, thanks to the dishes that are served here to the table.

So far, Valletta is not part of the popular tourist and cruise routes, as opposed to Venice and Rome. And so, here you can relax without an excessive crowd and on island beaches, and explore local sights. The pearl of the city is the Cathedral of St. John – a knight who came from Malta. A nice bonus to the poorly populated resorts of the island will also be Instagram photos that few people can boast of.

Gozo – the island of the Maltese archipelago, which is also worthy of attention. Previously, there was a rocky arch “Blue Eye” above the bay, which became famous thanks to the series “Game of Thrones”, but it collapsed in 2017. Nevertheless, on Gozo it will be interesting to explore the steep, rocky shores that form cozy bays with deserted beaches and azure-green water.

The countries of the former Yugoslavia are becoming increasingly popular destinations for holidays in Europe. This, in particular, concerns Croatia and Montenegro, which attract vacationers to the luxurious shores of the Adriatic Sea. But Serbia, among the former Soviet republics, remains the least visited. One of the reasons – the country is not washed by any sea.

However, Serbia has a number of other advantages. So, you should go to the country to learn about the history of the region, to see the amazing monuments of architecture and the wonders of nature, and also to try different varieties of local cheeses.

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